Peanut Butter Go Time

Meredith Krueger

Posted on December 11 2017

Hey. It me, Charlie. Thank you everyone for the big orders! It was hard to finagle getting this store up and running without the thumbs, but with a lot of sneezes and peanut butter it all came together. Of course, my little elf had a hand in helping me.  Not bad for a 12-week old. Maybe she get a raise soon.

Since the Mumma watch my elf today, I was busy delivering orders. I can't believe the Mumma let me drive the UPS truck alone! I had a great time, but my delicate tootsies were freezing.  I going to need some pug Uggs as it gets colder out. Puggs for short. How cute that be?

We have a new color hoodie and some cute totes that will be available soon. I think you will like the very much.

OK! Gotta go! It's time for the first of three dinnies. In the comments tell me what you want to see in my big store. But please know that I will never sell the peanut butter because I want it all for me. 

Live, Love, Loaf,


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